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We at Compared.co.nz provide you with the best reviews and comparisons of Food Delivery Services in New Zealand. We compare and review all the major providers, and help you find which is the best service that meets your needs. A wide range of food delivery options are available on this website, from food boxes and recipe meal kits to ready-made frozen dinners.

We found that there is a need in New Zealand to send healthy meals, packed with fresh produce, but too many choices leave you with a headache. We found that most pre-packaged meals are not only expensive but also lack taste, key nutrients, and convenience. Therefore, we created a platform where you can compare food boxes that are servicing in New Zealand.

We ensure every user of our website receives the best experience possible. We want you to be happy, which is why we do all we can to make sure that your comparison is as easy as possible. Our comprehensive listing of food delivery services can be sorted according to your personal preferences. Have a look around and see if we have the right service for you!

What are the Comparison Criteria?

The comparison criteria will be important in order to achieve a fair and accurate comparison. It should centre around the most common items that people order when they order food delivery. Things like hours of operation, address, delivery fee, online ordering, customer support, and more, are determined with real-life experience from our professional team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Compared.co.nz?

Compared.co.nz is an online platform where you can search and view ratings and reviews of food boxes delivery services in New Zealand.

2. What are the criteria in the comparison evaluation?

We conduct evaluations based on the services’ hours of operation, address, delivery fee, online ordering, customer support, and more.

3. Who are the people using Compared.co.nz?

Every consumer that enjoys food boxes is encouraged to use our platform to view ratings and reviews of the food boxes providers.

4. What can I expect from using Compared.co.nz?

You are able to see full ratings and reviews of every food box delivery that are available in New Zealand.

5. I don’t see a specific brand in Compared.co.nz.

You may contact our professional team to include the brand in our list.

6. Can I insert my reviews about a brand?

Of course, and you are encouraged to. We accept all consumer’s ratings and reviews about the brands you ordered from.

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