Recipe Food Boxes

These recipe food boxes include weekly recipes including everything you need to make them. They are great for people on the go & for families that want a convenient meal most nights of the week. Recipe food boxes are an excellent way to get a variety of healthy food delivered to your door, without the hassle of shopping for them yourself.
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Hello Fresh offers over 30 fresh recipes every week and a changing selection of desserts, snacks, and sides.

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My Food Bag

My Food Bag is where delicious flavour meets easy convenience. Our team of expert recipe developers are lead by Nadia to create meals you love, all you need to do is cook & enjoy!

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Hassle-free meal kits delivered directly to your door. Every week choose your own recipes! Always fresh, always free-range and always delicious!
Packaging & Delivery
Food Quality
Recipe Rating
Value for Money
  • Choose from 15 recipes every week
  • No contract - skip or cancel anytime
  • Fresh NZ produce
  • Free delivery every week
  • Inspired by Nadia Lim
  • Step by step recipes
  • Packaging may be too excessive
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Fresh Start

Fresh Start Lite is made up of mouth-watering meals of 450 calories or less each to help you lose weight the delicious way. Fresh Start meal kits are designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Bargain Box

Every week you can choose from 8 recipes packed with goodness. Bargain Box chefs and taste testers create meals the whole family will love.

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Everything you need to make 3 or 4 dinners is delivered to your door each week with fresh ingredients, colour coded labels and exact portions.

Still looking? Why not try grocery food boxes or ready to eat meals.

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